3/4 hp Submersible Sewage Grinder Pump

مضخة طاحونة غاطسة للصرف الصحى بقوة 0.75 حصان


Max head: Vertical - 28 m, Horizontal - 1.5 km
Average capacity: 0.42 LPS  
0.75 Hp - 220-240 Volts -  single phase - 50 Hz - 1450 RPM - Semi Positive displacement pump
E/One - Made in U.S.A

  E/One pump is Low power consumption and high-performance pump

E/One Sewer Systems is the market leader in pressure sewer systems. E/One developed the grinder pump for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal use more than 45 years ago and serves more than 1 million end users daily.


E/One offers a 3/4 hp semi-positive displacement (SPD) type grinder pump for residential wastewater use. The pump is appropriate for low-pressure applications that have a maximum head of 28 meters.

The progressing cavity pump itself is based on the Moineau principle. A rotor turns within a stator, creating a sequence of sealed chambers. The precision-cast and polished stainless-steel rotor move wastewater through these chambers at a nearly constant flow, over a wide range of conditions – from negative to abnormally high heads. Turning at just 1450 rpm, the 0.56-kilowatt motor can pump fluid through more than 1.5 km of small- diameter piping or elevation changes of up to 28 meters.

Materials of Construction

Motor Housing: Cast iron

Pump Stand: Stainless steel

Lifting Ring: Stainless steel


3/4 HP, 1450 RPM, high torque, capacitor start, thermally protected, 240 V / 50 Hz, single phase

Discharge Connections

Pump discharge terminates in 1.25-inch NPT female thread and can easily be adapted to 1.25-inch BSPT (pipe material as required by local code).


46.2 lpm at 0 Bar (0.77 lps at 0 m) 
40.2 lpm at 1.38 Bar (0.67 lps at 14 m) 
34.2 lpm at 2.75 Bar (0.57 lps at 28 m)
Discharge pipe diameter is 32 mm

Amperage @ Meters of Head Pressure (flow, liters per second)

0 m - 5.1 amps (0.77 l/s)

14 m - 5.3 amps (0.67 l/s)

28 m - 5.5 amps (0.57 l/s)

Amperage - 6.8 (max continuous)

0.56  kilowatt motor



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