Pure Phase Water Filters


6-Stages Water Filtration System based on reverse osmosis with a 3-stages pre-filtration and 1 carbon post-filter and Re-Mineralization cartridge.

3-Stage Water Filtration System (USF3)

3-Stage Water Filtration System installed under the kitchen sink. Pre-filtration based on cartridges that possess an increased filtration capacity. Additionally, their innovative construction allows for an easy cartridge replacement without the necessity to use a wrench.

Staying hydrated during exercise is essential if you want to get the most out of your workout and feel good while you're doing it.


5-stage Water Filtration System (RO5) based on reverse osmosis with a pre-filtration, RO membrane closed in housing and postfiltration installed in a brand new compact, ergonomic casing designed especially for modern kitchens.


Bottle-Free Water Dispenser

Bottle-Free Water Dispenser is a comfortable and economical water distributor capable of supplying cold, hot and cool purified water. it's the perfect product for your home or office. Permatech's bottle-free units are directly connected to the building of an existing water supply. This product is equipped with a 5-stage Water Filtration System based on reverse osmosis. The filtration system removes harmful particles and bacteria and improves the taste and odor of water.

Switching to filtered drinking water not only helps to provide everyone with access to quality drinking water but also helps homes and businesses to save money and reduce the operational cost associated with ordering, storing, and consuming plastic bottled water.


No plastic bottles

No environmental waste

No ridiculous expense 

Bath & Shower Filter

(water filter with antiscalant)

Bath & Shower Filter is used for improving bathing water quality. Particularly recommended for children and people with delicate, sensitive skin and fragile hair. Shower Filter is installed between the tube and the showerhead. Recommended for strongly chlorinated water. Max capacity - 5000 liters (capacity depends on the quality of filtered water). Dimensions: length - 14,0 cm diameter - 5,0 cm



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