Water Reverse Osmosis Filtration System – 6 Stage

فلتر 6 مراحل يعمل بنظام التنقية والتحلية 

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Pure Phase water purification systems improves the quality of your water. You will immediately begin to notice the numerous benefits of having quality water in your home and the benefits of having Permatech water treatment system provided by Pure Phase General Trading L.L.C.


This system uses household water pressure or the pump that comes with the system to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water, under pressure, is forced through a semipermeable membrane where minerals and impurities are filtered out. Clean drinking water goes to the faucet or storage tank, while the impurities are sent to the drain. These impurities are measured in water as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).


The system includes innovative and patented NewLine replaceable prefilters and convenient post filter cartridge. The NewLine prefilters remove sediment and chlorine from the water supply before they can enter the RO membrane. The postfilter removes any taste or odors that may remain in the water after passing through the RO membrane, and just before going to the RO faucet. To prevent water waste, an automatic shut-off valve closes when the RO faucet is closed and the storage tank is full.


This reverse osmosis system will provide you with a continuous supply of sparkling clear, delicious water for drinking, cooking and other uses. Having high quality RO water at hand eliminates the need to buy bottled water. The storage tank holds up RO water for your needs.


Prefilter Heavy Duty Sediment 20-micron cartridge – STAGE 1

Water from the cold-water supply pipe enters the filter through sediment cartridge first. sediment cartridge is the best solution to remove mechanical impurities such as sand, fluvial silt, rust, scale, dirt, pollen and other sediments that you may or may not be able to see in your water.

Prefilter Heavy Duty Sediment 5-micron cartridge – STAGE 2

This prefilter has a replaceable melt-blow or yarn sediment cartridge. This is the 2nd stage of the system with a higher gradation than 1st.

Activated carbon cartridge (prefilter) – STAGE 3

Activated carbon cartridge use the ability to absorb chemical pollutants in the activated carbon. Used for improving the quality of drinking water. Water flows through the entire filter bed for maximum absorption of pollutants. Activated carbon cartridge improves the taste and smell of water, reducing organic impurities, chlorine, and its poisonous derivatives, eliminate lead and other toxic heavy metals.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane – STAGE 4

The RO membrane is a tightly wound special membrane. The membrane removes the dissolved solids such as calcium carbonate, chlorides, nitrates, etc. and organic matter when the water is forced through the cartridge. High-quality product water exits the RO cartridge and goes to the storage tank or to the postfilter and RO faucet. Rejected water with the dissolved solids and organic matter are routed through the flow restrictor and to the drain.

Inline Activated carbon cartridge (postfilter) – STAGE 5

This postfilter improves water taste and smell.

Inline Mineralizing cartridge (postfilter) – STAGE 6

Mineralizing cartridges saturate the water with mineral salt ions. The appropriate dissipation of minerals contained in the cartridge filling causes their dissolution in water. Adds: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Carbonate, hydrogen carbonate, sulfate, and Chloride.

Storage Tank

The storage tank will hold pure water. A diaphragm inside the tank keeps the water pressurized to about 2,6 bar when the tank is full. This pressure provides a fast flow to the RO faucet. The tank, when empty. Is pressurized to 5-7psi (0,3-0,5 Bar).


 Automatic shut-off valve

To conserve water, this drinking water system has an automatic shut-off valve system. When the storage tank is filled and the RO faucet is closed, pressure closes the shut-off valve to stop the flow to drain. Pressure in the storage tank is about half of the water supply pressure. Alter drinking water is used, and pressure in the system drops, the shut-off valve opens to allow water to flow again.


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